Sometimes, just going to the gym isn’t enough. You need to find a personal trainer who can help you develop a training program that is right for you, will guide you, and criticize you from time-to-time to keep you from relaxing. But finding the right personal trainer isn’t easy. Some people rely too much on first impressions, so they are more likely to choose the trainer with the most pumped muscles.

Usually, people have vague ideas about what they want from the classes and expect the trainer to lead them in everything. And, often they come across trainers who cannot properly motivate them. In all these cases, it is difficult to achieve a good result.

Difference between good and bad personal trainer

Let’s dig deeper into this and see what the differences between good and bad personal trainer are:

Some trainers provide you with all the machines and facilities for a workout, but they lack the advice to help you reach your fitness goals. There are so-called trainers who jacked but don’t know how to guide a person for him to reach his best self.

So, it is very important to know the difference between a good and bad trainer, because the right answer makes the difference between wasted time and money and productive experience – or between potential injury and the improvement, you’re looking for.

Knowledge about their profession

Have you heard the phrase “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”? Of course yes! It is a well-said axiom.

So, every profession needs in-depth knowledge, especially related to health.

A good trainer always belief, a rest day isn’t about being lazy on the couch. It’s during this time that the beneficial effects of exercise take place. Specifically, proper rest is very important for muscle growth. Exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscle tissue.

A bad trainer always says that if you practice every day, then the result will be higher. But this is not the case! Our muscles need rest to recover and grow. They give advice which is completely utter baloney. So, don’t listen to them and always go for a second opinion (Good personal trainer).

The concern with Realistic Growth

Realistic growth means internal as well as external growth. It is only possible with the help of proper exercise and an appropriate diet.

You might have a bad trainer if your trainer doesn’t ask you about your nutritional habits at all. 70% of weight loss is going to be through diet, not exercise.

The exercise is awesome! But everyone knows that the body is built primarily in the kitchen, so if your personal trainer doesn’t care about what and when you eat, that’s a very bad trainer.

Sometimes a bad trainer sets unrealistic expectations for us which when not fulfilled harms our self-esteem and then we doubt why we are even trying it. It is very toxic for self-confidence.

A good trainer will definitely clarify what your pace of life is, what nutritional principles you follow, and will certainly advise on how to optimize your day. Without the correct structure of the diet, any physical activity will be meaningless: weight loss and muscle growth directly depend on nutritional balance.

Diet is a medical term and should be prescribed by a doctor or qualified trainer. The good trainer will adjust your nutrition, keeping all the necessary elements and healthy calories in the diet.

Indifference is a warning sign

Everyone who comes to training has a certain motivation and puts his own meaning in the classes. Someone has a backache, another wants to lose weight, and the third is to build muscle mass. A good specialist will always ask what result you want to get from your classes. And, he will not only take an interest but also draw up a complete training plan for your request.

It is even worse when you are in pain during training, but the trainer insists on continuing with the exercise. Pain is always a stop signal! A good mentor will tell you to stop, try to figure out the cause of the pain, change the exercise, but never make you endure the pain. A professional will not allow injury in his classes.

Progressive overload Form

Exercise with heavy weights and you will grow- many of the bad trainers consider this one of the basics. They will tell you to focus more on increasing the weight of your set and not on improving the form.

Don’t have any ideas which muscles to target and which motion will target it? Then most of your workout goes in vain.

Patience and consistency are keys in weightlifting- many of the good personal trainers consider this one of the basics. So, he advises you to try three sets of ten reps for five or six exercises that work to improve your muscles – rather than trying to do as much weight as possible.

The good trainer always tells you that if you can lift the same weight for a couple of weeks, then try increasing the weight in small increments without losing form and control. Doing this will also help prevent injuries and reversing your progress.

Bad trainers tell you to do cardio, but do not focus on compound movements. Cardio is good, but an excess of it is not.

Measurement guidelines of supplements 

The benefits of supplements are undeniable. However, adequate measurements are required to take.

Sometimes a bad trainer sells you a stack of supplements that you don’t really need. He always suggested taking different supplements without giving their proper quantity or measurements. Taking more supplements than you need costs more and might also raise your risk of side effects. For instance, too much vitamin A can reduce bone strength headaches and cause birth defects.

While on the contrary, professional trainers always provide proper guidelines of how to take these supplements & in what quantity.

Sits on the phone or leads several clients at the same time

You need to be aware that the trainer, working with you, is at the workplace. Accordingly, sitting on the phone, drinking tea, chatting with other people is at least incompetent. A good trainer will always be with his client throughout the entire session, carefully observing his technique and condition.

Unfortunately, a fairly common case when a trainer works with several clients at once in different parts of the gym. It is not easy to keep track of the technique of performing exercises when your students are training at the same time. Some would-be mentors also have time to practice on their own while their clients do the exercises.

Bends its line

The Good personal trainer realizes that the fitness industry is moving forward. Different trainers can offer completely different solutions to the same problem. It is also necessary to take into account the opinion of doctors.

If the trainer insists that only he is right, and everyone else does not understand anything, you should be wary. A competent specialist is constantly learning, increasing his competence, and knowing full well that it is impossible to know everything and be the ultimate truth. A good trainer, realizing that he cannot help in the task at hand, will send him to another specialist, or to consult a doctor.

Difference Between Good And Bad Personal Trainer


Today’s fast-paced environment, lives are busy and it is hard to find time for ourselves. So, if you really want to make you fit as a fiddle, you don’t need to be afraid of it, because personal trainers are here to assist you. . They required a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you come up with the right workout plan to meet your goals. Understanding the potential benefits of a personal trainer can help you decide whether to invest in funds.

You won’t do anything stupid under the supervision of a trainer.

Often, having bought a subscription to a gym or a slot for a race, beginners begin to train every day, constantly increasing the load. This can lead to injury and overtraining and, as a result, reluctance to exercise in the future. The trainer will plan your workload so that you have time to recover, and at the same time will make sure that you do the exercises correctly, because the technique is an integral component of safety, and making your workouts safe is the trainer’s primary task.

The trainer knows how to help you reach your goal.

When you want to become the owner of a toned press, you will have a question: where to start? Go for a run? Buy a membership to a fitness club? Go on a diet? You can, of course, ask friends or search for literature on the Internet, but it’s easier to turn to a professional. The personal trainer will not only answer this question but also create a program for you that takes into account your physical characteristics and goals.

A personal trainer will help you integrate your workouts into your daily life.

Paradoxical as it may sound, but it is so: the trainer has his own experience, as well as many examples of colleagues and students, and when discussing your daily routine, he will definitely find a gap in which to fit the training. He will tell you how to change the logistics or combine training with something else. And you can train even more.

From all of the above, a very simple conclusion can be drawn: you really should feel care and respect for your health from the trainer. You do not need to try to lose weight by any means, bringing yourself in shape under the supervision of would-be specialists who are interested only in your money. A good personal trainer is sensitive to his reputation and tries to do his job as efficiently as possible.

Why start tomorrow? Get started today to improve your life! Good luck![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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