Marina - Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi

Find your inner balance and deep-seated strength with techniques from Yoga, Pilates, and modern EMS training. We can start or continue your journey no matter what level you are at now.
EMS is perfect for those who don’t have much time. In only 20 minutes we achieve incredible results. You can also look forward to a completely new and exciting experience.

Your success is my mission.
Achieve maximum goals with minimum investment of time.

A yoga or Pilates session tailored to you rounds off the EMS training. Release muscle tension and open up your body to feel a new experience.

Each workout is tailored to you and your goals. The regimen is also gentle on your joints, muscles, and tendons. That is what makes my training so special and also suitable for every age group and every fitness level


 EMS training specialist
 Yoga and pilates specialist
 Toning specialist
 Personal Trainer at Home


 Yoga certified instructor
 Pilates certified instructor
 EMS certified instructor
 Fitness certified instructor


 Vita Fitness and Spa, Croatia
 Ericeira Yoga studio, Portugal
 Wi Fi training, UAE
 Fitness Vibes, UAE