Personal trainer Milos

Abu Dhabi personal Trainer Milos

MILOS – Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi

My name is Milos, I am 35 years old, and I have a Master’s Degree in Sport.

My certifications include NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist,

Functional Movement Screen (FMS), TRX Functional Training, and CPR – AED Certification issued by the American Heart Association.

I have more than ten years of international experience with training, both recreational and professional sports, individuals, and teams. I was an official trainer at Police College in Abu Dhabi.

My passion is karate, and I am 3x World medalists, including World champion title 2010.

With me, you will have the most detailed, scientifically proven program that will entirely suit your goals. My extensive international experience, combined with my skills and worldwide success, offers an innovative and unique approach in fitness.

My dedication, expertise, and experience served many people to achieve their dream fitness goals. The greatest satisfaction is seeing the transformational power of sports, strength, and happiness in my clients’ lives.

As a world champion, I have in-depth insights and experience for every aspect of training and success. With a champion, you can’t fail.


 Weight loss
 Cardio kickboxing
 EMS coach
 Karate athlete development
 Personal Trainer at Home


 NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
 Functional Movement Screen
 TRX Functional Training
 CPR – AED Certified by American Heart Association


 First place on World Championship in karate, 2010
 Third place on World Championship in karate, 2008


 Master degree in sport science, University of Belgrade