MILA – Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi

MILA – Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi

Hi! Do you need a new dose of inspiration and positive energy? You want to have the best weight for your health, but you need someone to guide you in that?

You are in the right place.

I’m a professor of physical education and sports. But above all, I’m someone who will encourage you and help you improve your health. Every goal can be achieved through a detailed and personalized diet and training plan. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, our goal is to work on improving your general health. 

So, I’m the best trainer for you if you:

✓ Want to lose weight 

✓ Want to gain weight in a healthy way

✓ Want a healthy and balanced life

✓ Want a diet and training plan

✓ Need someone to coach and guide you on that path

What style of training can you expect?

✓ Together we set the healthiest goal for you

✓ We choose the best diet program

✓ We choose the best training program: personal or group

✓ I motivate you to go to your goals

✓ Together we celebrate your success

Why am I competent to work with you?

I have been a fitness instructor for over nine years. I have created many nutrition and fitness programs that have inspired many to live healthily. Also, I’m an expert in personal and group training, a yoga instructor, and a therapist.

Education, working with international clients, and an original approach are winning combinations. With my support, you’ll achieve everything you can imagine.



 Weight loss
 Obesity reduction
 Personal Trainer at Home


 Coaching, mentoring and training
 Managing behavior and maintaining discipline
 Communication and Listening
 Positive attitude, passion, creativity
 Time management
Interest : Music, Dancing, Marathon Participant, Mountain climbing, Cycling, Skiing, Photography, Reading.


 Fitness Director at Canyon Ranch at Sea
 Personal & Group Fitness Trainer at Trend Sport & Fitness
 Personal & Group Fitness Trainer at Gym “4life”


 Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
 Zumba Fitness Certified