Which is better for weight loss – running or fast walking?!

Cardiovascular exercise (running, walking, swimming, cycling etc.) are great forms of exercise which helps in maintaining of health and weight. Fast walking or running are most frequent – it’s not complicated to do it, you don’t need any equipment except appropriate snickers and clothes. You can run or walk in park, on the street, at home if you have treadmill etc. Walking and running, can offer numerous benefits for your health, including weight loss or maintaining weight.
Some benefits of cardiovascular (“cardio”) exercises:
– strengthen your heart
– increases stamina
– boosts immune system
– helps you to lose weight
– lowers risk of heart stroke and other cardiovascular diseases

Which one is better?

Cardiovascular exercise has huge impact on your mental health. It lowers anxiety and depression especially if you do it in the nature.
But the question is which one is better?!
Neither is “better” than the other. The choice depends mostly on your fitness level. The fact is that running provides nearly double the number of calories as walking, but if you are beginner, or you haven’t done anything for a longer period of time, fast walking will definitely be better choice for you. Trying to run will feel extremely hard, you will end up exhausted and probably give up after just few minutes. Walking is accessible for nearly all fitness levels. It can boost your heart and give you more energy overall. So start with fast walking on the pace that you feel like slightly losing a breath (so it’s not a pace like walking in the mall). After a while, you will improve, you will be able to alternate walking and running intervals until you reach running pace.

But there are few things you need to be aware of while you run. It is demanding, high-impact exercise comparing to walking which is low-impact exercise. Over time, it may lead you to common overuse injuries such as stress fractures, problems with feet fascias, knee pain etc. So be careful, gradually increase the mileage, take care about recovery, sleep enough, buy good shoes for running, avoid running on hard and flat surface and you will be fine.
So, as you can see, both walking and running are excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise. Aim to get at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio exercise each week for your health. Walking is a smart choice if you’re new to exercising until you reach higher fitness level that you can start running.

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