Are you looking to transform your body that lasts?

Yoga, Pilates and Aerobics Classes at Home - Learn to love your body, and find a more mindful approach to life by doing

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Postnatal Yoga
  • Couple Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Pilates
  • Home Aerobic

Do you feel satisfied with being in your own body?

Do you want to nourish your emotions as well as your belly?

If the answer is yes, then… Are you looking for a simple, yet effective approach for long-lasting, sustainable results?

Would you like to;

– Strengthen the abdominal strap in-depth,
– Improve balance and coordination,
– No longer have back pain,
– Prevent injuries,
– Refine the silhouette?

Well, it is time to unlock the secrets and let you know the breakthrough way to a healthy lifestyle.

Introducing The Team of Abu Dhabi Personal Trainers And Nutritionists
For Yoga, Pilates, & Aerobics

It’s not about the perfect pose… it’s about the pleasure of loving your own body. It’s not about the routine… it’s about feeling what’s important at the moment.

It’s actually about resilience on the exercise mat to recharge your batteries between the turbulence of everyday life. It’s about the mindset in life that you feel most comfortable in your favorite place… Home!

Yes, you heard it right…

Train at your place at your convenience. Our expert trainers will bring all the equipment for your ease, give you access to tonnes of resources, and refine your diet with proper nutrition.

You’ll discover concepts, resources, and inspiration intended to increase your sense of existence, connection, and significance in your life. We’ll explore the idea of mindful living via yoga and pilates.


Personal trainer


Weight loss


 10 trainings : 2700 AED
 30 trainings : 7500 AED


Personal trainer


 Weight loss
 Obesity reduction


 10 trainings : 2700 AED
 30 trainings : 7500 AED

Let's discover why you need yoga and pilates for a healthier lifestyle…

To regain postural balance, it is necessary to strengthen the central muscles of the body

To increase your flexibility, help with balance, and deepen your meditation practice.

For strength training, posture improvement, and injury recovery.

To tone all the muscles that support the back, respecting a good alignment of the body

To manage stress by allowing you to clear your head and get rid of everyday worries or parasitic thoughts.

If your personal goals are to;

Take time for yourself, lose weight, tone body, get upset less often, resume sport after a period of inactivity, relax in periods of stress, feel your body better, no longer have back pain…

Then you are at the right place. Our training is for everyone (women, children, men, the elderly, pregnant women). Indeed, the exercises are neither trying nor traumatic for the body. In addition, they can be adapted according to the needs and level of each one.

Take charge of your life by not letting your body weaken

We don’t just make claims. We truly believe in our trainers and nutritionists.

Contact us and start getting the life-changing training NOW!

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